September 1, 2015

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates over the last little while. I've been working on some new stuff.

If you have any feedback at all let me know!


What's new:
-Slightly new look
-In air animations so the guy isn't just a boner if he isn't grabbing
-Uses the new animation system in Unity
-Butters --> N + left/right arrow keys
-Presses --> N + up/down arrow keys

-You can now change your key bindings.
-This is useful if you hate the placement of a certain key on the keyboard
-Since controller mapping depends on the driver and the controller, it's also good for mapping the controller buttons

Level editor
I had an unofficial level editor a while back with an account system. Quite a few people made accounts but I never actually released it.
-Save levels to database
-Custom level pages that can be shared. Other users with an account can "star" your level
-Terrain deformer
-Terrain painting
-Mountains no longer look like boobs

Level selector
Clicking Play now leads to the level selector
-Up/down vote rating system
-Sort by Hot, Latest, Top rated day / week / month / all time, My levels, Starred

The old version is still playable here

If you're on a PC using a PS3 controller or a wired XBOX controller, go to this page to download the driver and please follow the instructions to make sure all the buttons work. PC controller driver

If you're on a Mac and using a PS3 controller (10.6 and up) just plug it in, press the middle button and you'll be able to play automatically. If you're using a wired Xbox controller you'll need to download the tattebogle driver right HERE.

Note that if you're using an xbox controller you need an actual wired one. The power cord won't work unfortunately.